Empowering Your Security Career: Unleash Your Potential

Empowering Your Security Career: Unleash Your Potential

With over 11 years in the trade, we offer a full range of basic security training programs to prepare participants for entry-level jobs in the industry. Our licensed and professional instructors provide top-tier training and constantly enhance their own skills, ensuring that our students have the edge they need. 

We offer four different L3 armed security training programs, allowing our students to hone their shooting skills and knowledge of proper gun handling. Additionally, we provide surveillance camera installation training for our potential students who want to start a career as a security guard or in the camera installation business. We also offer license to carry (LTC) courses to ensure that our students legally protect themselves and the people around them and make use of their skills for a security position. For those students looking to further their skills, we provide secret shopper training, English as a second language (ESL) courses, and alarm system installation training. 

If you are in need of professional security services in Houston, look no further than the American Protection Academy. We offer quality services, top-tier training, and a complete range of programs to prepare people for a career in the industry. Additionally, we accept cash and card payments, have parking available, provide WiFi on premises, and are conveniently located near public transportation. 

To learn more, call us at (713) 900-9965 or fill out the form on our website. The American Protection Academy provides the highest standard of training that will enable you to keep yourself and others safe in any situation.

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